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America’s Most Reliable™
HVAC System.

A Trane Albuquerque residential heating and cooling system are built to withstand the hottest summers and the coldest winters – year after year. And when it’s time for a tune-up, our dealers and certified Trane Comfort Specialists™ are always at your service right when you need them. It’s that kind of reliability that’s earned Trane America’s Most Trusted™ HVAC System. Air One is an authorized Trane Dealer located in Albuquerque, NM. You can purchase and have service on all Trane products from Air One.

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Trane HVAC systems are tested to the extreme.

Each Trane residential product is rigorously tested for reliability, and every detail is designed with a purpose. Trane’s test technicians put units through five years of wear and tear in just a few months. They’ve even encased units in solid ice to make sure they keep running. In fact, they’ve tried more than 900 ways to break their own compressors. We can’t think of any other home air conditioning company that tests their units the way they do.

Built to last.

Trane designs their products and components using the most durable materials and the most innovative technologies available. Every Trane HVAC system is expertly designed and built with high quality parts – some we’ve patented and rebuilt ourselves. They manufacture their products with the highest industry standards, making sure they match the reliability people expect when they own a Trane HVAC system.


Save up to 62% in energy costs each year with an ultra-efficient Trane.

Looking to cut down your energy bills? Trane heating and cooling systems can help you do just that. When properly selected, our matched systems give you improved comfort at lower operating costs. Check for the ENERGY STAR logo to identify the most efficient heating and cooling products.

Trane air conditioners have a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ranging from 13-22. The higher the efficiency rating, the more energy you save – just like buying a car with better miles per gallon.

Trane high-efficiency systems are better for the environment and your wallet.

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