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Swamp coolers have been popular in the New Mexico area for years, due to our mild climate and low humidity. For relief from those hot summer days, you need an air conditioning system you can depend on. With over 25 years of dependable and trusted service throughout Central New Mexico, Air One Cooling and Heating Inc.  provides a full range of swamp cooler services so you can maintain a cool, comfortable home. We also have the latest options in evaporative cooling from Mastercool coolers to the newest swamp coolers of different makes and models.

Types of Swamp Coolers

Swamp coolers are very common in Albuquerque and surrounding area homes, but there are also some newer types of swamp coolers that can cool better than a standard cooler. Air One is the swamp cooler expert in ABQ, NM and surrounding areas, count on us to service, repair, install or upgrade your swamp cooler.

How a swamp cooler works:

Swamp coolers work by cooling air by evaporating water. The cooled air is then pushed through the duct system to cool the home.

  • Popular in New Mexico because of our dry climate.
  • Cooling effectiveness is driven by humidity levels outside.
  • If humidity levels rise too high, cooler becomes less effective.
  • See Average humidity levels below for reference.

24-hour Swamp cooler Service, Repair & Maintenance

If you’re experiencing problems with your swamp cooler Air One is always here for you. From seasonal maintenance to all repairs, replacements, and upgrades, Air One is your cooling expert!

Getting the Most from your Swamp Cooler:

When it comes to your swamp cooler you want to make sure you’re staying cool and comfortable all summer long. There are some easy things you can do to improve air flow and performance from your swamp cooler.

Swamp Cooler Digital Thermostatswamp cooler digital thermostat

Do you want to get better control of your home’s temperature this summer? Consider updating your swamp cooler to a digital thermostat. A swamp cooler digital thermostat can give you better control of your cooling in your home. Plus they help conserve energy by only running your cooler when your home reaches a certain temperature. The Albuquerque Water Authority is offering a rebate for installing a digital thermostat as well. Air One can install one of these thermostats for you.

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