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Convert from Swamp Cooler to Refrigerated Air

With the summers getting hotter in New Mexico, more and more people are upgrading to refrigerated air conditioning. There are many things to consider with converting your swamp cooler to refrigerated air conditioning. Air One’s team of licensed HVAC technicians are capable of helping you through the process and making the right decision that best fits your home cooling needs. Aside from Refrigerated air, Air One also has many other options to cool your home from the latest in swamp cooling options to ductless mini split systems. Turn to the professionals at Air One to provide you with ac conversion options that meet your needs and budget.

A refrigerated air conditioning conversion can be more complicated than just swapping out your previous swamp cooler with refrigerated air. Your home may need to install ducting throughout the home, electrical wiring, line sets and reinforce support mounting and more. We offer a wide variety of options to upgrade your cooling system with the most quality and affordability packed into in all inclusive price. Call and speak with one of our professionals to learn more about our which type of ac conversion system would work for you.

Benefits of Converting To Refrigerated Air Conditioners

Refrigerated air conditioning or central air conditioning has become an increasingly popular way to cool homes in New Mexico. Some of the benefits of air conditioning include:.

How Much Does it Cost to Convert To Refrigerated Air?

There are many factors to consider when pricing a conversion to refrigerated air conditioning. However, Air One has provided a chart with average starting costs for a refrigerated air conversion. The attached is intended as an informational guideline only. This is not a quote.

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Many Albuquerque New Mexico homeowners are considering converting to refrigerated air conditioning. However, did you know that there are new and better swamp coolers on the market? The new Breeze air swamp cooler offers cooler temperatures than any other swamp cooler, as well as variable speed to maximize comfort control. Make sure to ask your refrigerated air conditioning conversion professional about options that make sense for your home and your budget.

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