XB TMM5 Trane Air Handlers

For small area applications, this affordable air handler meets or exceeds all standard efficiency requirements. http://trane.com/content/dam/Trane/residential/downloads/brochure/airhandlers/72-1267-16_HR.pdf

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The all-aluminum coil found in the XB Series of residential air handlers is exponentially more durable than standard copper coils, which are susceptible to formicary corrosion. These all-aluminum coils ensure families stay comfortable indoors all year long, no matter what the weather outside.

Rust prevention

Trane residential air handlers come with a no-rust polymer drain pan along with galvanized cabinet features to keep things running and looking good for a long time.

Smaller unit for tighter applications

The XB TMM5 is designed to fit smaller spaces being mounted on studs or over the hot water heater for smaller spaces and tighter applications.

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