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They installed a new AC on a Trane heater, the estimator Frank, is very professional, very informative, knowledgeable about the field and product. He evaluated my home and my needs and provided me options based on the furnace I have. He did not try to over sell me.
Carmen P.
These installers and the estimator Frank Ramirez are really nice people who take care of you from start to finish and work with your budget. We are really please with their work and professionalism and they did everything they said they would as well as were very thorough in explaining the process and all of the equipment.
Wendy C.
The installers were friendly and professional. Some additional work was needed due to corrosion of the old cooler. They were prepared to do whatever was need to get my new unit installed.
Jacqueline A.
Dependable, Polite, thoughtful. Knowledgeable, efficient affordable
Jo S.
John, our sales agent was professional and diligent. He found us the financing that allowed us to complete this project. We are very happy with the customer service and quality of work.

Ductless Split Systems

  • Energy Efficient
  • Best Air Quality
  • Easy Installation
  • Great for Room Additions
  • Financing Available

Heat and Cool Each Room Independently with a Ductless System! 

What is a Ductless Split System?

Ductless split systems are perfect for homes that do not have access to duct work. If you have recently completed a room addition to your home in Albuquerque, these systems are the perfect fit for you. This energy-efficient system is easy to install and allows you to control the temperature of your home with the simple switch of a button.

Energy Efficient

Energy Star Units

These highly efficient ductless systems can help warm and cool your rooms without having to go through ducts first. Energy Star units can help you to save hundreds of dollars a year on your energy bills and cut your heating and cooling costs by 30 percent.

No Heating or Cooling Loss Through Ducts

Since ductless mini splits systems have no ducts, they avoid the energy losses associated with duct work of central forced air systems. Duct losses can account for more than 30 percent of energy consumption in Albuquerque for traditional options, especially if the ducts are in an unconditioned space, such as an attic.

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Heat or Cool Each Room Independently

Ductless mini systems avoid having to use traditional duct work, which allows them to be able to be installed anywhere in your home. These systems are zone-able, which allows for you, the homeowner, to be able to cool or heat just that room simply by turning on a switch. When you leave the room, you have the freedom to turn off your unit so you aren’t wasting unnecessary energy.

Better Air Quality

No Dusty Ducts

It is a surprising fact that the quality of your indoor air can actually be worse than outdoor air. With standard ductless systems, homeowners need their air ducts cleaned on a regular basis to ensure their air quality is never sub-par.

Learn about our duct cleaning services.

Air Filtered at the Source

Ductless systems have a built in “multi-stage filtration” that help to reduce the dust and pollutants inside your home.

Installation is Simple

These systems are a breeze to install! Manufacturers offer great deal of flexibility with these units, which help us to be able to install systems as far away as 50 feet from their outdoor unit. Since ductless mini systems do not require ducts for installation, there is more freedom as to where you can install your new system.

1. Call for an Estimate

If you have completed a recent home addition and are looking at installing a ductless mini system in your home, give our team of professionals a call. We will schedule an appointment to come out to your home and provide you with a free in-home estimate.

2. We Will Come to Your Home

Once your appointment is scheduled, one of our certified technicians will come out to your home to provide you with a free in-home estimate on your new ductless unit. If you have any questions, our team will do our best to answer any of them without using hard-to-understand industry jargon.

3. Your New Ductless System is Installed

Our team will install your new system as quickly as possible, so you can have heat or air in your home as quickly as possible. All of our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can feel comfortable with choosing Air One.

Top 4 FAQs

Here are the top 4 most frequently asked questions

Don’t know if a ductless system is right for your Albuquerque home? Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions!


    With one, small outdoor unit, you can have up to five zoned systems inside your home. Each room will have its own ductless system that can be controled with an easy-to-use switch.


    Only one outdoor unit is required to have up to five individual units within your home.


    Such systems cost about $1,500–$2,000 per ton (12,000 Btu per hour) of cooling capacity. This is about 30 percent more than central systems (not including ductwork), and may cost twice as much as window units of similar capacity. However, you will save on your annual energy bills.


    Installers are required to correctly size each indoor unit and determine the best location for its install. Since ductless mini systems don’t require standard duct work, they are easier to install within your home.

    Financing Available

    For those surprise costs.

    We understand that there are a lot of costs that go into being a homeowner. That is why we offer financing on our services. Our team wants you to be comfortable in your own home and does not want money to be a factor in that decision.

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